Pump Testing

A pumping test is a means of obtaining quantitative information about groundwater systems and the wells which obtain water from them. The test is based on a period of pumping and recovery during which the pumping rate, water level in the well, and elapsed time, are measured.

Allwell’s testing equipment is fully automated whilst all information is data logged giving you the ability to achieve a wide range of flow rates to meet specific requirements.

Our equipment is able to measure the standing water level, flow rate, desired flow rate, PH, electrical conductivity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and standing water levels in monitoring bores.

Data is available immediately at the end of each test in excel format.

All testing complies with the Australia Standard Code AS2368-1990.

We are also able to measure a range of other parameters upon request.

Example of a Step drawdown test

Table showing 8 hour step test 1.25, 2.5, 3.75, 5 l/s

This figure shows the impact of a pumping well on the water level and on a neighbouring well As the water is pumped from the well, the original water level lowers, i.e., drawdown in the well. A cone of depression is formed in the aquifer around the pumping well as the water level declines due to pumping. Note that drawdown in the observation well is much less than in the pumping well.