Water Bores

Allwell provides water bore drilling, pump testing, remediation and other services which prolong the life, optimize efficiency and minimize costs associated with water bores.

There is a lot more to sinking a bore than just drilling a hole in the ground. Our job is to attend to the details while giving you a hassle free experience when installing a bore on your property

All our bores are designed and constructed to meet or exceed Australian national standards. Every member of our team is familiar with the range of geology across the Northern Territory. This means that you will get the best possible advice on siting a bore on your property, the likely yields, the most efficient and reliable pumping equipment and the best way to ensure years of reliable service. In fact, we are so confident of the quality of our workmanship that we guarantee it for five years.

Our customers have told us we are professional, approachable and environmentally conscious. Our work practices are safe, we are experienced and fully qualified. Most importantly we are committed to ensuring that we achieve the best possible result for our clients.

We also offer a large range of pump packages to suit your requirments

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Common Questions

Some common questions answered

Over the years we have been asked many questions about our work, how we do it, what legal requirements should be considered etc. The questions below are the most common ones but if you need to know something more please just ask.

Do I need a permit to sink a bore? If your property is located within a Water Control District, a permit will be required. Application normally takes 2 weeks and is free.
Is my property situated in a Water Control District? Most of the land between the Adelaide and Charlotte rivers and north of Batchelor falls within the Darwin Rural Water Control District. There are some other areas in the N.T. that are classified as water controlled districts.
Do I need to install a water meter? Not unless you require a water licence. As most domestic bores do not require a licence, you will probably not need a water meter.
How much water will I need? This depends on what you use it for. As a rule of thumb domestic water use in the NT is 500 litres per person per day.
Can you guarantee sufficient water? No driller, hydrogeologist, scientist or other person can guarantee your bore will yield water.  However, we can advise you on the likely yield based on information from other bores in your area.
Is there sufficient groundwater on my property to meet my needs? Unfortunately it is impossible to answer this question until we commence drilling. However we can provide you with information relating to other bores in your area which may be indicative of the required yield and depth
Where should I site the bore? We can explain some basic good practice guidelines, e.g. close to a power source, away from septic tanks, waste water systems and large trees etc. However we can site the bore at a specific position on your property at your request.
How deep will the bore be? This depends on how deep the water table lies. We will not drill any deeper than is necessary to meet your requirements.
Can you install a pump? Yes we can install a pump package on completion. Packages will vary on depth and yield of bore.
How long will it take to complete the bore? For most domestic bores this will take between 1-2 days.
Will you guarantee your work? Yes. We provide a 5 year unconditional guarantee on the construction of the bore.
Is there a cost if you don’t find suitable water? Yes, while we try to keep our costs down, drilling is expensive and if your bore is dry we are required by law decommission it. In this situation a reduced rate is charged to cover drilling costs.